Warmly congratulate ZN Company on winning the flame detector equipment bidding of Guangdong Huaxia Yangxi Phase II 2X1240MW. Up to date it is the largest capacity of single super-supercritical coal-fired  unit   in the world 
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  Harbin ZN Automation Equipment Co., Ltd.(hereinafter referred to as “ZN Company”) was established on September 15,1995, which located in Haping Road Centralized Industrial Park, Harbin Economic Development Zone. ZN Company is a combined new high-tech enterprise with product research and development, product manufacture, product sales and follow-up service. The leading products are ZHJZ Series Intelligent Flame Detector, ZNDH Series High Energy Ignition Device, Combined Oil Combustion Device), Furnace Safeguard Supervisory System ( FSSS). The products are widely used in electric power, petrochemical, metallurgy etc.. After 20 years of development, ZN company has built up modern enterprise management system with perfect system and complete function. ZN company is certified to ISO9001, ISO14001, GT/B28001 that combines quality, environment and occupational health together. We specify workflow with information management method., in order to ensure that every system will operate reliably and effectively.

  We have designed, produced, manufactured and commissioned Flame Detector System、 Field Ignition Device、Furnace Safeguard Supervisory System etc that are suitable for all types of furnace for 20 years. Rich experience is gained from the cooperation with supplier of DCS and famous furnace manufacturer at home and abroad, for instance, Guodian Zhishen、 Simens, ShangHai Boiler Works, ALSTOM etc. All the experience improves product technology and quality of ZN company and helps ZN reach the international advanced class. ZN has proprietary intellectual property rights and core patented technology regarding to flame detector. Many products are certified to certification at home and abroad, for instance, EX, TUV CE etc.

  ZN company always implements the philosophy of "customer first". ZN company has complete service system and a professional engineering team with innovation, team spirit, and rich experience of international project organization and commission. Up to now, the company has successful project implementation experience of domestic engineering service of more than 400 sets of various kinds of capacity of boiler and international engineering service of nearly 70 sets.

  The products of ZN company have been applied to furnaces of various combustion and load that are operating now: single furnace, quadrangle furnace, hexagonal furnace, octagonal furnace, before and after wall, W flame furnace, CFB furnace etc, such as load from 50 mw and 1000 mw unit, the subcritical, supercritical and ultra supercritical units, such as more than 240 sets of 300mw and above units, more than 90 sets of 600mw and above units, 8 sets of millions of ultra supercritical thermal power. Products are sold not only in the domestic market, but also Pakistan, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Myanmar, Thailand, Indonesia, India, Brazil, the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), and many other countries and regions. Flame detector manufactured by ZN company has become the first national brand in Chinese power industry ZN company is not only the most well -known manufacturer of the same kind of products in the power industry, but also the supplier of solution to safe burning of furnace system.

  ZN company will keep up with the progress of international science and technology, develop new products constantly, and make great efforts to provide the best service for customers.