Warmly congratulate ZN Company on winning the flame detector equipment bidding of Guangdong Huaxia Yangxi Phase II 2X1240MW. Up to date it is the largest capacity of single super-supercritical coal-fired  unit   in the world 
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        Zhang Xiaoguang
  • Address: No.17 Haping West Road, Haping Road Centralized Industrial Park Harbin Development Zone, Harbin, China

  Our company was established on September 15 1995. We have been committed to development, production and application of flame detector.

  In October 1996, ZN employees developed the first digital flame detector based on microprocessor technical in China

  In October 1998, people of Zhong Neng develop digital intelligent flame detector based on double CPU microprocessor technical and self-diagnose function.

  In April 2003, People of Zhong Neng develop the fourth generation flame detector based on DSP, bus network, digital communication and module power redundancy and other technicals.

  In March 2004 ZN Company has won the bidding on HuaNeng Taicang 2x600MW unit project. It makes a new breakthrough on the record of national flame detector on 600MW units.

  In October 2007, our intelligent flame detector was certified to Germany TUV and CE.

  In October 2009, our intelligent flame detector successfully passed 168 hours trial operation for Ninghai 2 sets 1000MW unit.

  In October 2012, we developed digital integrated intelligent flame detector.

  In October 2013, ZN company developed explosion proof type digital intelligent flame detector.

  On March 12, 2015, ZN company won the bid of Shenhua Guohua Jiangxi Jiujiang Power Generation Co. Ltd. 2X1000MW flame detector and cooling air system project