Warmly congratulate ZN Company on winning the flame detector equipment bidding of Guangdong Huaxia Yangxi Phase II 2X1240MW. Up to date it is the largest capacity of single super-supercritical coal-fired  unit   in the world 
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  Furnace Safeguard Supervisory System (FSSS) includes Burner Control System (BCS) and Fuel Safety System (FSS). It is a kind of intelligent safety monitoring system to guarantee the safe operation of the boiler which has been applied to the modern large-scale thermal power unit boiler. According to the safety condition of anti-explosion rules, it is able to monitor the boiler relevant operation parameters in all phases of boiler start-up, operation and stop constantly and process logic judgment and operation continuously. As a result, the system issued motion commands, alarm or tripped such necessary processing at any situation according to the prescribed control logic automatically, avoided the explosive fuel mixtures in flue chamber and buildup in endanger within the operation condition of the boiler safe, cut off so quickly into the furnace all fuel, effectively preventing the boiler accidents. Quality and advanced standard of FSSS system depend on rigor and maturity of logical design and the flame detector product quality. ZN Company is the earliest professional provider of FSSS system of thermal power industry and flame detector who has been engaged in this field all the way. It is the only provider of FSSS system who has the operation experience in the 500MW above units. ZN Company has become the most famous national brands in electric power industry with the rich experience in projects and equipment operation and maintenance experience.

  FSSS offered by ZN Company has following features:

  1 Advancement

  We choose the latest products of best PC manufacturer as the host machine and the leading reliable products at domestic as the control equipment. The system logic design conforms to the latest NFPA8502C standard, fully embodies its advanced nature.

  2 Practicalities

  System design accords with China's actual situation and the operation personnel level and unit overall level. The friendly human-machine interface makes it extremely easy for operation and maintenance personnel accepting and mastering. The system logic design fully embodies the design idea of “for the sake of users” with clear, distinct, convenient and practical design features. SOE system developed independently has many advantages like high-resolution, action order record accurately and no need to plug special SOE system.

  3 Reliability

  With the redundant host and operation of PC industrial keyboard and touch screen double mutual prepared, it realizes control and reliable work. The system ensures the safety equipment operation under all kinds of conditions with the elaborate logical design and necessary chain protection and accident treatment procedures.

  4 Economy

  The system has the same products abroad function and price has only a third. Compared with domestic similar product, the price is similar but more functional perfect and reliable.

  Main Funciton:

  Furnace purging function Main Fuel Trip

  Coal burner management First trip memory

  Ignition program-controlled function Leak test

  Flame detection and Flame failure protection Cooling wind system control

  Order of events recorded and alarm RB function

  The system confirmed the following standard:

  (1) 《Technical code for furnace safeguard supervisory system in fossil fuel power plant》(DL/T1091-2008)

  (2) 《code for acceptance test of furnace safeguard supervisory system in fossil fuel power plant》(DL/T655-2006)

  (3) 《code for the prevention of pulverized coal firing furnace explosions/implosions in power plant boilers》(DL/T435-2004)

  (4) 《standard for the prevention of furnace explosions/implosions in Multiple Burner Boiler》(ANSI/NFPA 8502C)American national fire prevention association

  Along with the relevant standards and perfecting update, this system will enforce the latest standard.